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Rubber tire loader - Skid Steer

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 Pedestrian Paths, Parking Lots, Driveways, Small Roads, Patchwork, etc. •   4000 VPM High Frequency for Faster Compaction • Thickest Drum of all Rollers in its Size Class • Articulated Center-Point Steering • Dual-Drum Drive • Excellent Curb Clearances • Zero Head & Tail Clearances

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Get Big Results in Small Spaces.

E26 Compact Excavator with Minimal Tail Swing and Thumb.

24.8 hp

5666 Lbs.

8.5 ft. Digging Depth


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Trenches down to 24 inch depth.

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Toro Dingo compact utility loaders possess the versatility to handle countless jobs on every site: dig, haul, plant and build. The TX 427 Narrow track design provides a low 5.1 psi ground pressure which is easy on turf. Designed with workers in mind, all of its power is harnessed in only 3 easy to use controls, which make it simple for any worker to step up and be productive immediately!

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Propane Tank for Gas Grills, Cookers and Heaters.

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Rubber track compact Excavator

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The Soil Cultivator is a one-pass lawn rennovation/bed prep tool with tremendous labor savings. The Soil Cultivator buries rocks up to 4" in diameter and brings loose, pulversized soil to the surface, leaving only the planting to be finished in its wake

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The Univeral Swivel Auger Power Head is designed specifically to power 9",12" or 24" auger bits for plumb holes in uneven terrain, making it an excellent tool for digging multiple, repetitive holes for trees, poles, fence posts in uneven terrain conditions

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