Holiday Season Rental Ideas

Holiday Season Rental Ideas

No matter how you celebrate the holiday season, a wide variety of rentals can make your preparations, entertaining, and cleanup much easier and more convenient. From small family gatherings to large corporate bashes, these holiday season rental ideas can put you in a festive spirit and turn all your holiday plans into amazing events.

Defining Your Holiday Season

Depending on how you celebrate, your holiday season may start as early as Halloween and could last into the new year, with a variety of events and festivities throughout the season. Different rentals can help with parties both inside and out by helping you prepare your landscaping to make a good impression on guests, making meals, treats, and feasts more convenient, arranging outdoor decorations more easily, helping store seasonal items, and even expanding your available entertainment space. It’s important to make your plans early, however, because rentals are often reserved for the busy holiday season well in advance.

Benefits of Holiday Rentals

Renting equipment, decorations, and even assistance during the holidays can ease seasonal stress and allow you to better enjoy all your events. Furthermore, you can often rent specialty holiday items for a fraction of the purchase price, and you don’t need to arrange for off-season storage when the items aren’t in use. The equipment you rent will always be in working order and may be updated to the most recent models or trends, and items such as place settings, dishes, and linens will always match beautifully. You won’t need to worry about repairs, replacements, cleaning, or other maintenance needs, and you can simply enjoy using the items you’ve rented to make your holiday events better than ever, no hassle required.

Holiday Season Rental Ideas for All Your Festivities

What you rent for the holiday season will depend on your individual needs, the types of events you may be planning, and your overall vision for seasonal fun. Great options for holiday season rentals include…

  • Preparing Your Landscape Rent pruning equipment, pressure washers, and more to prepare your landscape and your home’s exterior to look its very best. If you have a lot of brush to clear, a wood chipper or firewood processor might be a good option, or you may just need special clippers and trimmers to shape your trees and hedges properly. Ladders and lifts can help you reach higher branches, windows, or gutters to get your home in holiday shape at any level.
  • Prepare Your Home’s Interior If you are inviting guests into your home, you will want your home to look great for their arrival. Consider renting carpet shampooers, steam cleaners, or other equipment for deep cleaning, or even consider a paint sprayer to refresh room colors. If you need to clear out space quickly, renting a storage unit or shed can help you instantly declutter to make more room for holiday celebrations.
  • Decorating Outside Give your home or property a festive vibe when you rent light strands, extension cords, supplemental generators, giant wreaths, welcome signs, or themed inflatables to match any holiday celebration. You can get decorations specifically sized to match your home, and can even create custom themes to match your personal decorating flair, no fuss required.
  • Decorating Inside Whether you are decorating your own home, an office complex, corporate lobby, rented hall, or other venue, renting decorations can make sprucing up the space a breeze. You can rent everything from fully decorated trees, centerpieces, wreaths, swags, and portable fireplaces (for that instant holiday mantle) to candelabras, ornaments, linens, throw pillows, holiday villages, and other items to create whatever festive atmosphere you may be interested in.
  • Festive Lighting Light up your space with special holiday lights. You can rent much more than just classic light strings, however. How about a chandelier for entryway elegance, or torches to light a pathway or porch? Luminarias can light up a landscape, or colored bulbs can transform landscape lighting. Floating candles and lights can be perfect for a pool or fountain, while different styles of candles and lanterns are versatile options for many different holiday uses inside and out.
  • Party Space Expand your holiday party space with the right rentals. A portable dancefloor can be a great focal point for your festivities, or you might rent a tent to add extra space outdoors. Renting tables and chairs is also essential for holiday events, and can help you create serving stations, dining areas, conversation nooks, and more. If you’re planning an outdoor event, don’t forget supplemental heaters to keep it comfortable.
  • Holiday Food The holidays wouldn’t be the same without a range of delicious treats, from elegant appetizers to sumptuous feasts to all manner of outrageous desserts. Help your holiday food stand out by renting appropriate serving dishes, chafers, chargers, beverage dispensers, place settings, glassware, cutlery, and more. For added distinction, consider renting a chocolate fountain, a specialty grill, or even carnival carts such as a popcorn cart, donut machine, or cotton candy maker for memorable treats.
  • Entertaining Activities Help your party guests and holiday visitors make fun memories when you rent activity options for your events. Different lawn games or oversized indoor games can be fun for all ages, while younger guests may love a fun inflatable in the yard. Renting a sound system can ensure all your holiday carols are audibly perfect, or you could rent a movie screen and projector for a nostalgic showing of your favorite holiday classics. Photo booths and seasonal costumes can also be part of your holiday season rentals.
  • Assistance Hiring help can ensure your holiday entertainment plans go off without a hitch, and you don’t have to miss the fun yourself. Consider hiring a bartender, serving staff, or helpers to set up the event, break down decorations afterwards, or clean up either before or after the party. You could even hire musicians, character appearances, or other performers for a unique and entertaining touch your guests will remember long after the holiday season.

Making the Most of Holiday Rentals

No matter what holiday season rentals will work best for your festive plans, take care that you fully understand the rental contract terms and conditions. Ask the rental company about other options that you may not have considered, and they may have great ideas you’d never have though of. At the same time, be frank about your needs and experience so you don’t rent something you can’t handle or forget something you truly need. With the right rentals, any holiday party can be the most memorable and enjoyable event of the celebratory season.