Make Planning Your Thanksgiving Dinner Easier With Table and Chair Rentals

Make Planning Your Thanksgiving Dinner Easier With Table and Chair Rentals

Planning Thanksgiving dinner can be a challenge, especially if you are hosting a larger gathering and may be tight on space and seating. Fortunately, table and chair rentals can make your event much easier and ensure none of your guests are left standing.

Why Consider Table and Chair Rentals for Thanksgiving

When you first start planning Thanksgiving dinner, you may believe you have plenty of dining space in your home. From formal dining rooms to breakfast nooks, kitchen bars, and even TV trays, you might be able to squeeze in all your friends and family members, but consider what atmosphere that type of seating will create. If your seating is spread throughout different rooms, it will be difficult to pass dishes or distribute food. Conversations will be more limited, and interactions broken. The point of Thanksgiving dinner – the togetherness of those you care about – will be lost.

If you rent tables and chairs, however, you can create a more consistent seating style for a more elegant, seamless event that brings everyone together. You can accommodate more guests with less difficulty, and can ensure there is no damage to your furniture when inevitable spills or mishaps occur.

Choosing Your Thanksgiving Tables and Chairs

Everyone’s Thanksgiving dinner is different, and every family will have different seating needs for their dinner plans. If you consider different factors of your Thanksgiving dinner, however, you can easily choose the right tables and chairs to rent to make your event easier.

  • Guest List The number of guests at your Thanksgiving dinner will determine how many tables and chairs you need to rent. Count carefully, however, and always consider adding a few extra seats for last minute additions to the guest list or unexpected drop-ins. Larger tables can easily have the seating rearranged to accommodate an extra chair or two if needed.
  • Available Space You don’t want to rent more tables and chairs than you’ll be able to set up for the meal, so measure your space carefully and leave enough room for chairs to be pulled out and for guests to easily walk around to reach different seats. Moving other furniture out of the way – stored in a bedroom, for example – can help clear space to set up your rental tables more easily.
  • Types of Guests Who will be attending your Thanksgiving dinner can help you decide which tables and chairs are best. If you have diverse ages in your dinner guests, it may be better to plan for adult, teen, and children’s tables. Similarly, dedicated football fans may appreciate having their own smaller table where they can keep an eye on their plates and the game at the same time.
  • Service Style How will your Thanksgiving dinner be served? If you plan to have dishes passed from one guest to another, a larger table that can seat everyone may be best. If you prefer a buffet-style meal, however, smaller tables or narrow tables that don’t need to hold every serving dish can be the best choice. A self-serve dining style can also be helpful with smaller, more casual seating.
  • Special Needs If any of your guests may have special needs, it is important to take that into account when planning your seating. Consider the need to accommodate a wheelchair, walker, or oxygen tank, or whether or not booster seats or high chairs may be needed. Planning the space around the table accordingly can help all your guests feel at home and welcome.
  • Guest Compatibility Every family has its own drama, and if you suspect there may be some shenanigans at your Thanksgiving dinner, consider seating arrangements to help minimize potential disagreements or uncomfortable situations. A seating chart or separate, smaller tables can be helpful to diffuse any problems before they begin.
  • Tables Without Seating and Seating Without Tables Depending on how you are organizing your dinner, consider renting tables without seating, or extra chairs without a table. A narrow table can serve as a bar, or longer tables without seats can be a more casual buffet. Extra chairs could easily be added to a family room or theater area to watch parades, football games, or holiday movies with your guests.

Extra Tips for Renting Thanksgiving Tables and Chairs

When you are ready to rent tables and chairs to make your Thanksgiving dinner plans a reality, you will need to consider some additional logistics.

  • Reserve your tables and chairs early. With so many holiday parties and other events at this time of year, rental companies may book all their supplies very quickly.
  • Be very clear about when you can pick up your tables and chairs and when they must be returned. Some companies may have unusual hours during the holiday.
  • Rent linens such as tablecloths, runners, napkins, placemats, chair covers, and other decorative touches to give your dinner a more festive appearance.
  • Even if you have plenty of china to serve your guests, consider renting extra salt-and-pepper shakers, gravy boats, bread baskets, or other pieces to make serving easier.

Renting tables and chairs can make your Thanksgiving dinner plans smoother and easier, whether you’re planning an intimate family-style meal, a neighborhood gathering, or an even larger party. Don’t leave your guests without a place to sit and enjoy the bounty of the holiday – rent your tables and chairs today!