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  • Model Number: 306 SUPRA

Need an extra bed for visiting guests? Rent this 30" Roll-a-Way Bed to make their visit more comfortable!

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  • Model Number: Versatol

The Versatol® is ideal for sales presentation, training rooms, and special events.The Keystone eliminator tilts the screen forward to compensate for distorted images. Additionally, the High-low case adjustment allows the 70" x 70" screen to be fully opened in a room with an 8' ceiling

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  • Manufacturer: EDIC
  • Model Number:

Used for cleaning carpets, upholstery, stairs, etc. Handle adjusts to operator height and folds down for easy storage. Lift-off bucket with bladder makes filling and empltying incredibly easy. See-through recovery dome. Side extension for cleaning rght to baseboards.

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